Get an email notification when someone tries to log into your computer


Most of the people in this world use computer with Microsoft Operating System. There is a feature in Microsoft OS to lock the desktop. This is among the tens of thousands features of Microsoft OS. But what if you forgot to lock down your system when you go for lunch or for a quick coffee break from your work. Now you have some kind of feeling in your mind that some outsiders in your office whom you don’t know used or tried to login into your computer … [Read more...]

Computer Networks Special IP address definition

In the IP protocol, there are several standards that must be followed regarding particular interpretations of IP-addresses. The following special IP addresses are defined by international standards: If the entire IP-address consists of only binary zeros, then it indicates the address of the node that generated the packet. This mode is only used in some reports of ICMP protocol.  If the network number in the field are only zeros, then the … [Read more...]

Secret behind QR code

You have probably seen the picture in the left at many places like, automobiles, electronic gadgets, magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. But do you have any idea what does this code do. Many of us do not know the real thing behind this image. This images is called QR Code. So what is QR code? A QR code (abbreviated from "Quick Response code" (because they can be read quickly by a cell phones) … [Read more...]

Sharing your documents and Presentation using QR Codes

Are you taking classes in college/University? Or are you a professional writer? If yes, then you must prepare various presentations, documents or you have to compile a set of PDF document to share among your students or audiences after presenting it. When you conclude with the presentation, someone or say all of the participants definitely would like to have a “soft copy” of your slide.  How is it possible to distribute the slide to them? … [Read more...]