Buying a camera phone? What to consider in Camera?

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Thinking of buying a Phone with quality Camera? OK, then you may find this article helpful.Carrying different gadgets for different purpose is not very practical in this age media convergance. Everyone wants to have a compact device with various features. Choosing a mobile phone with best built-in camera is abit hard job. It is very wise to review different brands of camera phones offering various features before spending your money.

Last week, I bought Samsung Galaxy Mini Smart Phone without reviewing much. Now I came to know that there is no Macro Focus feature in this camera. I am feeling guilty because of this. Macro focus is one of the important features to be considered while purchasing a Smart Phone. So here are three major features to consider before buying a Camera Phone.


One of the major things to consider before buying a phone with a camera is it's pixel size. The number of pixels is an aspect relating to the quality of a camera, or the actual quality of a photo it is capable of producing. Digital images are made up of millions of these tiny, tile-like picture elements(1 Megapixel=1 million pixel). Resolution relates primarily to print size and the amount of detail an image has when viewed on a computer monitor. So, higher megapixels mean better picture quality.

 2. Macro mode

Macro feature of a camera enables to take close-up shoot of an object. Digital cameras with macro feature are capable of taking clear shots of objects, texts or bar-codes within a range of few centimeters. It is also great for shooting insects, flowers, or other small objects. Smartphones with macro mode has many important applications such as:

  a) Taking picture of your documents, certificates etc

  b) Scanning barcodes, QR Codes

3. LED flash

There are two types of camera flash technologies 

  a)Xenon flash tube,

  b)white LEDs. 

The xenon flash are universally used for film cameras and digital still cameras. In digital still cameras, a high brightness flash is needed, and the size and power consumption are less significant because a digital still camera can provide more room for the required drive circuit and its battery capacity is devoted entirely to operating the camera and flash. Undoubtedly a xenon flash is the best choice for a digital still camera.

On the other hand, a LED flash offers lower power consumption with drive circuitry that takes up very little room. Additionally, there is no significant electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated from driving an LED flash.

These advantages help push the use of an LED flash in camera phones. And, of course, the same LED flash can also be operated as a continuous light source making it suitable for video applications and as a free flashlight incorporated in the phone. 

There are various quality of phones offering excellent photo experience but don’t forget to look for above mentioned features before buying one.

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