Making Adsense account check easy with ‘Adsense Publisher Toolbar’

adsense publisher toolbarHow often do you check your adsense earning? I check my adsense earning more than my email. A recent study shows that most of the adsense publishers check their adsense earning more than 3 times a day. It is quite hassel to log in again and again to adsense account. For low bandwidth users, it takes long time to load the ajax interface.

Now, Google has came up with a great solution for this. Google has added a new feature in Google Chrome Browser for Adsense publishers and officially launched it as 'Adsense Publisher Toolbar'.

Once you install this extension, the toolbar sits next to the omnibox on Google chrome browser  and fetch the data from the associated adsense account every time you want to check your adsense earnings using secure authentication. All you have to do is download the extention, enter your adsense username and password only once and the extension will remember it.  Then you are done.This is the screenshot.

The advantage of this toolbar is it makes easier for adsense publisher who maintain different accounts for different Google services. You don't need tolog out from your primary email address if you want to login to your adsense account, if it uses different email ID. To view your adsense earning, click on the toolbar and a pop-up box displays which shows the following information.

• Account earnings summary (today so far, yesterday, this month so far, last month)

• Top 5 custom channels

• Top 5 URL channels

• Lifetime revenue

All in all, it is a great news and great tool for adsense publisher. Thank you Google.

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  1. I try to make an account in adsence but they rejected , Could you explain what all things to take care before apply ?

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