Computer Networks Special IP address definition

In the IP protocol, there are several standards that must be followed regarding particular interpretations of IP-addresses. The following special IP addresses are defined by international standards: If the entire IP-address consists of only binary zeros, then it indicates the address of the node that generated the packet. This mode is only used in some reports of ICMP protocol.  If the network number in the field are only zeros, then the … [Read more...]

Buying a camera phone? What to consider in Camera?

Thinking of buying a Phone with quality Camera? OK, then you may find this article helpful.Carrying different gadgets for different purpose is not very practical in this age media convergance. Everyone wants to have a compact device with various features. Choosing a mobile phone with best built-in camera is abit hard job. It is very wise to review different brands of camera phones offering various features before spending your money. … [Read more...]

2 best ways to drive traffic in your site

In this age of competition, every one wants to be in the first place. Same thing applies for the website owner. There are millions of websites running in the internet serving various kind of content to various kind of audience. And there are even thousands of websites serving same services to the website visitors. For example, there are thousands of websites which provides the information on cancer. In this case, each and every website owner wants there … [Read more...]

Is your password strong enough to save online accounts?

When I started using computer in the year 1999, I use to apply password to secure my Operating System and other documents from unauthorized user. At that time I had no internet connection. That means I was not connected to the outer world. My operating system and all of my documents were quite safe from outsiders. Though I was safe from outsiders, I used to apply password to keep my documents safe from those users who frequently use my Personal Computer. … [Read more...]

Tips to secure your online accounts

Most of the people who have online account use complex password. A Complex password is that password which has a combination of alphabet, number and special character. For example, Str0ngP@ssw0rd. In this password all of the above said combination has been used. And you are very confident that no hacker can break your password like this. But is that enough? To some extent, yes but sometime this kind of passwords can be broken and take control of your … [Read more...]

5 secrets to increase your adsense revenue within a week

I have read many blogs about increasing the adsense revenue. Many people express their own ideas regarding this. But I have concluded that if your follow the following secrets, your adsense will definitely increase. I have drawn the following conclusion after analyzing many websites and blogs for one month. Secret No 1. Choose appropriate Keywords for your content In order to get high traffic, you need original and high quality content. Before writing on … [Read more...]

Making life comfortable with google adsense

  Among hundreds of online money making program, Google adsense is the most popular means to make money online. Adsense is a program from Google that was started in the year 2003. This program is very useful to those who are willing to earn money online. All you need is a good website or a blog with good information for your visitor. Good web content means high number of visitors and high number visitors means ultimately good pay from Google. And you … [Read more...]

Why adsense CPC is important than CTR

After reading many blogs and post related to adsense, I concluded to choose adsense for my extra earning and I started a website. after few months, I was really excited to see the effect of adsense. But I was disappointed by the report from adsense dashboard. I wondered why my earning is so low when the CTR is more than 2%. I was getting around $0.04 per click (It was my CPC in average) which is considered significantly low. And on the other hand, CT … [Read more...]

Secret behind QR code

You have probably seen the picture in the left at many places like, automobiles, electronic gadgets, magazine advert, on a billboard, a web page or even on someone’s t-shirt. But do you have any idea what does this code do. Many of us do not know the real thing behind this image. This images is called QR Code. So what is QR code? A QR code (abbreviated from "Quick Response code" (because they can be read quickly by a cell phones) … [Read more...]

Sharing your documents and Presentation using QR Codes

Are you taking classes in college/University? Or are you a professional writer? If yes, then you must prepare various presentations, documents or you have to compile a set of PDF document to share among your students or audiences after presenting it. When you conclude with the presentation, someone or say all of the participants definitely would like to have a “soft copy” of your slide.  How is it possible to distribute the slide to them? … [Read more...]