When is the appropriate time to take Joomla site backup

As you all know, Joomla is a one of the most powerful, secure and user-friendly content management system, and uses MYSQL database to store the data of your website.Along with your database, various files and folders are also very crucial to the operation of your site. You should have a good knowledge of backup and recovery. So, when is it important to take a backup of your site? Following are some situations when you have to keep a backup copy of your … [Read more...]

Secure your online account with password generated by Wolfram

How much do you worry about the password you choose for your online accounts? No DOUBT. We all worry about our password which we daily use for our various online accounts like email, online banking and so on. But now WolframAlpha has provided a platform for generating a complex password for you. WolfarmAlpha is an Computational online engine that can generate very powerful, strong and unique password for your various online accounts like … [Read more...]