2 best ways to drive traffic in your site

Increase Web TrafficIn this age of competition, every one wants to be in the first place. Same thing applies for the website owner. There are millions of websites running in the internet serving various kind of content to various kind of audience. And there are even thousands of websites serving same services to the website visitors. For example, there are thousands of websites which provides the information on cancer. In this case, each and every website owner wants there website in the top list of the search engine like google, bing, yahoo etc. For this, you need good traffic or say site visitors. 

But how is it possible to drive a huge traffic into your site? 

Getting a good traffic is not a overnight job. It takes time, hard work, dedication and patience. In order to get a good traffic into your site, you must have to concentrate on reliable, unique and useful information to your visitor. Following are some tips to drive traffic to your site:

1. Quality Content: If you run a website, there must be some purpose of your website. Content of your website must be very informative and helpful to your audience. Your article must have power to solve the problem of site visitors. There must be helpful resources or links to other sites. For example: you are running a scholarship website. If a person is looking for a scholarship which provides full tuition fees, airfare, lodging, insurance, travel expenses, your site should have these information or a reference link to other websites which can provide same kind of information. That really drives him to visit your site in future too. Another most important thing is your site should have fresh contents. That mean you need to update frequently with different helpful contents. This is helpful to you as a website owner and for your visitor in terms of information.  So you will get more returning visitors and better ranking on search index.

2. Promote your site with different tools and media:

Promoting a site is very hard job. First of all, make your site ready for visitors with full of information. After launching your site, you have to perform different things to promote your site in order to get traffic. Following are some tips to promote your site:

a. Join Chat and forums related to your website: To reach to visitors quickly chat and discussion group forums are the best way. To promote your site through chat, join a public chat room of your targeted area. One of the popular chat tool is Yahoo Chat. If your targetted audience are from Developed countries like USA, Canada or France you may join the particular chat room selecting from the Yahoo Chat. After joining the room, you can share your ideas, views, opinion.

b. Post Free classified ads: You may promote your web site through classified ads site. There are thousands of free classified ads sites. Click here to post . Make some effective promotional campaign before posting your ads. If you state the problem of the visitors and ensure the solution from your site, the campaign will be successful. Then post your ads to the classified sites.

c. Post comments on popular sites: One of the most effective way to get visitor is to comment on other site. Most of the websites nowadays have feature of collecting feedback and comments from there site visitors. Visit those site and comment. Leave an impressive comment related to that topic which helps to redirect traffic in to your site. Since, most of the sites sites collect URL of the person who comments,  provide your site URL.

d. Join social Networking Sites like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIN: Social Networking sites are one the easiest means to promote your site online. All you need to create a page for your website and start posting links. Join different people and groups and let them know about your site.

If you follow the above tips, you will definitely get high traffic.

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