Sharing your documents and Presentation using QR Codes

QR CodeAre you taking classes in college/University? Or are you a professional writer? If yes, then you must prepare various presentations, documents or you have to compile a set of PDF document to share among your students or audiences after presenting it. When you conclude with the presentation, someone or say all of the participants definitely would like to have a “soft copy” of your slide.  How is it possible to distribute the slide to them? There are some solutions like copying your presentation in their pen drive. Other technique is to collect their email and mail the softcopy of the presentation as email attachment or uploading it in document sharing sites like Google Docs and send them the hyperlink. These techniques are a bit old and cumbersome.


A new technology called QR Code is in the market for you kind of people who have to share soft copy of presentation/documents every now and then with various people. For this purpose, you can choose QR Codes to distribute your presentation or document. Just place your QR code image in the last slide of your presentation so that participants can scan that code with their mobile phones. The presentation file would automatically download on to their phones. No need any email address, pen drive and so on. Even they don’t need to write URLs.

This is possible with a brand new website called This is a website which helps you to convert documents or presentations into QR Codes. All you need is a presentation file. Just upload the file to TagMyDocA by clicking “click to upload” and it will generate a corresponding QR code which you can place into the last slide of your presentation for your audience to download. Note one thing, this website only supports Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs and most common images formats like .bmp, .png, .jpg. When the audience decode the scanned QR code, it displays the corresponding URL which makes easy to visit the document.

For example, download the above QR Code with your mobile phone. If you have Android Phone, download QRDroid from Market and install it . There is a feature to upload the QR code from your mobile gallery in this software. After uploading the above QR code, you will get the link. Visit this link and you will be re-directed to the page and the download will automatically starts.

There are several reasons behind generating QR codes using TagMyDoc. First, TagMyDoc takes cares of the your document and the code generation process is quite fast. TagMyDoc automatically insert the QR Code image into your presentation so it easy to locate the online copy from the physical copy in case someone decides to print your slides. And it can also track downloads for you.

You can get service from TagMyDoc without registration but in that case, the uploaded documents will expire after two weeks. They are also working on plugins for Word and PowerPoint that will help you tag files from within Microsoft Office itself.

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